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Rosewater Spray

Rose Water


Product Description

Rose Water
Made from fresh roses.


– Refreshes skin (for a healthy, fresh and beautiful face)
– Moisturizes skin and cleans pores
– Cures dark circles, wrinkles and dry skin – Used as make up remover
– Used after facial as an astringent to close open pores – Good for itchy skin
– Prevents skin heat-up and sun burn
– Cures skin burn from radiation therapy
– Cures red, itchy, dry and swollen eyes
– Cures diaper rash – Helps in constipation – Aroma of fresh roses is a powerful mood enhancer

A soothing natural solution derived from the freshest roses to give you healthy, beautiful skin and eyes. Also an effective remedy for most issues pertaining to these areas.

Directions for use
For adults 2-3 tbsp
For children 1 tbsp
For infants 1/2 tsp

For Spray: Spray on face as required.

It contains vitamins like A & C and has anti inflammatory properties for natural healing . It may also be added in drinks (water, milk etc.) and desserts for fragrance and taste. Drink at night to relieve stress and enjoy a good sleep.

Storage conditions:
Store in a cool, dry and dark place

Additional Information


120ml, 120ml Spray Bottle, 50ml Dropper Bottle


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