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Beri Honey


Product Description

A sweet food made by bees using flower nectar, carrying within it amazing healing properties.


– Boosts natural energy
– Strengthens immune system
– Maintains blood sugar level
– Heals cuts, scars, wounds and burns
– Contains antioxidants and antibacterials which keep digestive system healthy
– Cleanses intestines and stomach, if taken with fruit vinegar
– Protects from cancer
– Helpful in sore throat
– Cures diabetic ulcers
– Best moisturizer for all skin types

Honey in the Sunnah
Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: A man came to the Prophet and said, “My brother has some abdominal trouble.” The Prophet said to him “Let him drink honey.” The man came for the second time and the Prophet said to him, ‘Let him drink honey.” He came for the third time and the Prophet said, “Let him drink honey.” He returned again and said, “I have done that ‘ The Prophet then said, “Allah has said the truth, but your brother’s abdomen has told a lie. Let him drink honey.” So he made him drink honey and he was cured. Book of Medicine, Sahih Bukhari: 588

Directions for use
Adults 1 tbsp daily, fasting
Children 1 tsp daily, fasting
Infants 1/4 tsp daily

Storage conditions:
Store in a cool, dry and dark place

Additional Information


120ml, 250ml, 500ml


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